Project Description

Manage all online advertising budgets for Tufin, a company that provides a platform for managing information security networks.

The company’s customers are organizations around the world (enterprises) at various stages of the buying cycle, with the challenge of tailoring the message to the target audience according to the role, company and the stage in the decision-making process.

The activity is carried out in a combined manner between the various media of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and others, and with a continuous balance between the platforms in accordance with quality performance.

As part of the activity:

  • SEO – Search Engine Promotion
  • Media management on the various platforms
  • Work “with a finger on the pulse”, with continuous analysis of the results and their improvement
  • Distribution of budgets according to results
  • Locating and initiating new content (assets) in accordance with the activity and demand that arises from Google searches and flooding them with the content writing marketing team

Project Details


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